Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Day Has Come

I was waiting for so long, for a miracle to come
everyone told me to be strong, hold on and don't shed a tears
through the darkness and goodness, i knew i'd make it trhrough
and the world thought i had it all, but i was waiting for you.

Hush.. now..!! I see the light in the sky
ohh..!! it's almost blinding me..
i can't beleive.. i've been touched by an angel with love..

Let it fell my soul and down and wash away my tears
let it shatter the walls for a new sun..
new day has come..

Where it was the dark now there's a light
Where there's the pain now there's joy
Where there was weakness i found my strenght
all in the eyes of aboy..

Hush.. now..!! I see the light in your eyes
I can't beleive i've been touch by an angel with love..

song by : celine dion


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